Car Finance Loans
Even if you have been refused car finance elsewhere we can help you drive away in your new car today. You can get car finance even if you have CCJ's, default and arrears or a poor credit rating. You get an answer in under 1 hour and you can choose..
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Freedom Car Credit
Get ANY car from ANY dealer, with no deposit to pay!! Whatever your credit rating FREEDOM can help you. CCJ,s, Defaults, Arrears, Tennants - all welcome. You can even get a pre-approved limit BEFORE you look for your car. Apply Today!!
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Adrian Flux Insurance
As a broker we can access a variety of insurance policies from a selection of top providers. With our extensive panel of 40 top insurers, we have a better chance of finding the best policy to suit your needs - and when you fill in our online quote ..
Painting and Decorating on the Net
A free guide to all aspects of painting, decorating and wallpapering in the home or at work. Helpful articles and detailed descriptions of how to carry out different painting and decorating skills. Established online seven years.
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The Insurance Surgery
Specialise in providing life and travel insurance to clients with existing medical conditions. Also provide retirement annuity advice and Care Home Fees planning.
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Natural History Museum
Live video feed from the leafcutter ant colony, 360 degree panoramic views of the museum and more
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Royal Pump Room Museum
Explore Harrogate’s history as a spa town. See the sulphur wells and taste the strongest sulphur water in Europe! Visit our temporary exhibition space, showcasing all creatures great and small, our textiles collection or maybe Victorian life.
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Burwell Museum
Rural history museum depicting life through the centuries on the edge of the Cambridgeshire fens. Includes an early 19th century working windmill.
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Gods Metaphysics & Philosophy in Modern History.
How Greek Myths are becoming the reality of today.
From category: Home » Arts & Humanities » Mythology
Seaside History
This site is all about the British Seaside Holiday. It covers the whole country from Bournemouth to Brighton; from Blackpool to Cornwall. There are sections about lidos, holiday camps, piers, hotels, camping, sun bathing and the history of the Britis..
John Hall Venice
Study in Italy in your gap year. Jan-Mar in Venice, Florence, Rome. The John Hall Pre-University courses cover art, architecture, photography, cinema and more.
Picture Spennymoor
A community website which includes historical pictures and information about the town of Spennymoor. Anyone can contribute.
Piddler by the Hoof
COOLEST BOOK ON HOTTEST TOPICS: Piddler on the Hoof by S.I. Fishgal ISBN 1-59129-435-5, PublishAmerica Inc. The derisive living truth, escapades, eccentricity, idioms, life and death emotionally awake a preschooler in the Red Army's Rearg..
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"Piddler on the Hoof" by SI Fishgal The derisive living truth and death emotionally awake a preschooler in the Red Army's Rearguard during the WW2
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Today in Literature
Features biographical stories about the great writers, books and events in literary history.
Peakland Heritage
Peak District local history, Peak District customs, wildlife and transport. A guide to the history, culture and landscape of the Peak District.
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Welcome To Portsmouth
An independent site providing information pages about the city of portsmouth.Including history attractions geography famous residents football club and wi fi hotspots.
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TalkLeeds is an on-line community for Leeds locals to get together chat and learn about their favourite city.
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York Travel Guide
City of York, North Yorkshire, England Guide. Hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, public houses/pubs, bars, night clubs. All the information about York in one place. Live the history!
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Tain Community Website
Discover Scotland's oldest Royal Burgh in the Scottish Highlands. Community site packed with history and heritage, local services and accommodation, entertainment, golf, walking and much more.
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Anglesey Information Web
A variety of interesting and useful information about the Isle of Anglesey, including high resolution photographs of the towns, churches, beaches, ancient Monuments and attractions.
From category: Travel » Tourist Information » UK
Dover Soul
Dover soul houses a variety of information about Dover, UK. Explore Dover in the range of photos, family history information, local history of Dover, local radio history/frequency guide includes comprehensive hi..
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Sild Hall
The eccentric and fascinating seat of the 13th Earl of Sild on the borders of Shropshire, Sild Hall has a wonderful collection of Erotic Accountrements, Egyptian artifacts as well as beautiful grounds.
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Celtic Connections
Self-catering cottages in Pembrokeshire
From category: Holidays » UK holidays » Self Catering
Buy ebooks in all genres from eBookshot, download and read immediately.
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Martin Wood Cricket Books
Martin Wood Cricket Books is the place to find antique books on everything about the game of cricket. All books are in good condition.
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The directory of resources and links for guitar and fretted instrument enthusiasts.
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The Land League
Join the Irish Democratic League Davitt Branch of Haslingden. The site has been named The Land League in this the centenary celebration and commemoration of Michael Davitt
UK Credit Secrets
Serious about wanting to remove bad credit information? Here's how to create a clean credit history! Guaranteed....or your money back!
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The Remortgage Specialist
Now Mortgages are specialists in providing remortgages, mortgages and secured loans to people in difficult situations. And we'll provide you with what you need NOW!
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Danish Camp. Willington.
Enjoy a visit to the countryside..... there's history, wildlife, walks,fishing, boating, a cycle track and a Norwegian log cabin, serving food and refreshments. You'll find the Danish Camp on the banks of the river Great Ouse at Willington, Bedfords..
From category: Home » Entertainment » Eating Out
History at Large
History at Large, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, presents history as entertainment
From category: Home » Entertainment » Theatre
Life and Times
Songs and music in the traditional idiom with guitar, melodeon, concertina and voices. Graeme Meek and Barry Goodman perform songs about history, tradition, customs and legends. Specific shows available. Themes include canals; Bedfordshire; Mummers, ..
From category: Entertainment » Music » Folk
History Of Chess
Victor Keats chess historian and the history of chess. Dr Victor Keats is a bibliophile of Hebrew and other antiquarian chess books.
From category: Entertainment » Games » Strategy
Erase Internet Tracks
Securely remove and delete sensitive files with FileClear.
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History of Bingo
A guide to the history of online bingo and bingo in genertal. Offering information on the history of the game in both the UK and the US as well as articles on a number of related bingo topics.
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St Blazey AFC
St. Blazey AFC Cornwall's premier football club Jewson South West League Champions
From category: Sport » Football » Clubs
History, Inventions and Discoveries
Informational website on facts, history and discoveries of inventions and events in history.
From category: Home » Science & Technology » Reference
The Living Cosmos
A new, interdisciplinary paradigm, embracing the sciences and history, reveals a fundamentally biological universe that is also stabilized by life.
From category: Home » Science & Technology » Physics
Caractacus Bear
Part historical fact, part fictional site for children, with stories about the Ursans. Includes quizes, links and introduction to their book.
From category: Home » Kids » Books
Green Tea
Articles and information on Green Tea. Includes the history, the types and benefits to health
From category: Home » Health » Health Foods
Keystage History
Keystage history is a site dedicated to bringing history teaching resources to history teachers at Keystage 1,2,3 and GCSE. The site includes free lessons samples, up to date history teaching information and much more
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Galina International
Educational & study tours : choose from History and Battlefields, English WW1 Poetry, Science, Geography, Modern Languages, Art and Architecture
From category: Home » Education » Schools
What happened to those who stayed loyal to the King GeorgeIII in 1776
From category: Home » Education » Adult Education
All History All the Time.
History articles and information.
From category: Home » Education » Adult Education
Mr Allsop History
Contains resources for students and teachers of GCSE and IGCSE Modern World History. Includes revision podcasts and powerpoints, assessment trackers and lesson ideas.
From category: Home » Education » Online Learning
Everything Chinese
Online discussion of Chinese culture, history, arts, cuisine and language.
From category: Home » Education » Online Learning
History on the Net
General history site with topics linked to the English National Curriculum. Suitable for primary and secondary ages.
From category: Home » Education » Online Learning
UK Art Database
directory aimed at artists, art students and all art lovers
From category: Home » Reference » Directories
Conspiracy Theorists, Whistle Blowers and Amateur Researchers are invited to participate in a wide-ranging international TV documentary series. A selection of entrants will be invited to present their theory and research facilities will be provided.
From category: Reference » History » Ancient History
Early British history with translations of the anglo saxon chronicles, British chronicles as well as the welsh chronicles. Also extensive articles on Garden trees and their health
From category: Reference » History » Ancient History
Russian History Papers
Russian history - help writing term papers on Russian history and related topics - Russian history issues and topics
From category: Reference » History » Ancient History
Archaeology and history of Yeavering Bell, Gefrin, the North Cheviot hills,the College and Breamish valleys and Lordenshaws
From category: Reference » History » Ancient History
Ancient Pakistan
Educational site covering 9000 years of Pakistani history. From the Ancient Indus Valley, to all the major empires that arose in Pakistan; Gandhara, Mughal Empire, Kushun Empire, and the more recent history of the Independence of Pakistan
From category: Reference » History » Ancient History
Rebel Flag
Rebel flag information and the history of the Confederate flags, as well as Rebel flag pictures and wallpaper.
Classic Warbirds
Profiling aircraft of World War 2 from legendary fighters like the Spitfire and P-51 Mustang to iconic bombers including the Lancaster and B-17 Flying Fortress. Classic Warbirds features details on many aircraft of World War 2.
Northern Society of Costume & Textiles
The Society was founded in 1977 to encourage the study and preservation of costume and textiles, and to researching into the history appertaining to their origins and use.
From category: Home » Lifestyle » Charities
Living History
The Chepstowe Garrison is a multi period living history group based in Chepstow Castle. Displays include: firearms; archery; bladed weapons; medicine through the ages; cookery; sewing; weaving and other so-called ‘domestic arts’. New members welcome.
Matt Limb Battlefield Tours
Matt Limb Battlefield Tours Ltd specialise in visits to the key battles and military actions that have changed history and shaped the nation. We pride ourselves on high quality at all times and offer the traveller the finest quality in both hotels a..
Ydalir Vikings
Group researches and re-enacts all aspects of life in 10th century europe. Provides battle displays and crafts demonstrations at public events and has a school visits programme in support of the National Curriculum KS2: Invaders and Settlers.
Hampshire Family History Search
Family history research, professional and high quality service for all Hampshire ancestry.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Elvidge Family History Site
Bringing Elvidge families together from across the globe - genealogy and family history research information.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Herefordshire-Gen UK
A family and local history research service for the county of Herefordshire, England.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Grant Family in Ireland
Grant family history in Ireland from Norman times
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Lookup UK
Find lost friends and family in the UK & Ireland online now! Adoptees and Birth Parents especially welcome! Large Genealogy database. Over 60,000 message searchable online!
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
The Metcale Society
One of the largest one-name study groups in the world with both UK and Overseas members.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Ancestral Research In Ulster
Genealogy research service specialising in the nine counties of Ulster
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Robert Steed's Family History Page
The Bradnam, Fenn, Gilbert, Goody, Grimmer, Hurrell, Jackson, Peck, Purr, Russell and Steed families of Suffolk and Essex, UK.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
The Stead / Steed One-Name Study
A worldwide genealogical study of the Stead / Steed surnames and all variants.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
RootsChat.Com - Chat about your British and Irish Genealogy UK Family History around England Wales Scotland Ireland. BMD 1881 1901 Census lookups of your ancestors. Fun and easy to use. Recommended
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Debrett Ancestry Research
Experts in Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish genealogy, Debrett Ancestry Research helps you in tracing your roots and family history in the UK, adoption tracing and even your British house history
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Are We Related
Genealogy with a difference! Not just about putting branches on trees, but about family and social history, how our ancestors worked, lived and played.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
A&D Genealogy Search
Family History Search - Genealogy Research - Ancestry Search - Surname Search - Family Genealogy Documenting - Family Tree Publishing - free database previews
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
UK Genealogy Interests Directory
This site allows you to link up with other genealogists whose research shares your surnames.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
The Sole Society
A British Family History Society researching SOLE, SAUL, SEWELL, SOLLEY and similar names, founded All Souls Day, 2nd November 1991
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Find My Family History
If you are interested in finding out about your family history then this site provides some useful ideas and information to help you get started in tracing your family tree.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Offers Family History research by an experienced TV genealogist
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
Marshall Family History
A history of the MARSHALL family and others (BROOKS, COLE, HEATHERSHAW, RANSHAW) going back to the 17th century covering Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire to name but a few.
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
This Bolitho site isn't strictly about genealogy, or family history. It contains interesting stories about the lives of members of the Bolitho family
From category: Lifestyle » Interests » Genealogy
AA Breakdown Cover
Compare the AA and RAC Breakdown Cover and see who gives best value for money
From category: Interests » Motoring » Motoring Services
The Saab Museum
The SAAB Museum documents the evolution of the Saab automobile from the prototype Ursaab, to the present day 9-5. Every model's history, model year changes and technical specifications is included.
From category: Interests » Motoring » Clubs
DriveArchive contains details of vehicles and their owners. DriveArchive aims to help enthusiasts, whether interested in cars, lorries, motorbikes, vintage, or anything with wheels, to discover the history and fate of their vehicles.
From category: Interests » Motoring » Classic cars
Check a vehicle's registration number against a database to get information on its recorded past via text message.
From category: Motoring » Cars for Sale » Car Search
The Stamproom
Postage stamps from The Stamproom for GB, Commonwealth & Worldwide postage stamps, postal history and philatelic items.
From category: Interests » Hobbies » Stamp Collecting
International Labradoodle Association
An international association for labradoodle breeders, owners and lovers all over the world including a founder member in UK. History, Breed standard, code of ethics, list of breeders and forums and links and resources.
From category: Interests » Pets » Dogs
Orthodox Christian Church Links
Directory of Eastern Orthodox Christian Church websites and related Eastern Christian links.
From category: Lifestyle » Religion » Christian
St. George's Church, Gooderstone
The architecture, history and surroundings of St. George's Church, Gooderstone.
From category: Lifestyle » Religion » Churches
Bladon Methodist Church
News, information and services at Bladon Methodist Church, a small village chuirch in the heart of Oxfordshire
From category: Lifestyle » Religion » Churches
Upchurch Matters
Village web site for the village of Upchurch in thecounty of Kent, United Kingdom